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By Admin | 31 March 2022

Content writing: B2B v/s B2C

What should be the difference between B2B and B2C content writing?

Do you talk with your elders and friends in a similar manner? I assume your answer is NO. Well, different people need different kind of attention, manner, words.

Like when you are in the friend circle you can make a fun of anyone of you. But when you are in middle of conversation with your parents, you cannot joke on anyone parent.

Similarly, in the business world; your persuasion of storytelling should differ depending on the kind of a group you’re dealing with.
The kind of a group – the business world is broadly classified into two groups; B2B and B2C.

Let’s first be clear about what is B2B and B2C.

What is B2B?
B2B is an abbreviation of Business to Business. B2B is the business that sell its product or services to professionals or other business bodies.
For example; Digiting (a business), as we offer(sell) marketing services to other businesses like real estate or IT companies etc.

What is B2C?
B2C means Business to Consumer. B2C is a business who sell its services or products to individuals, or family.
You can consider a perfumer (a person who sell perfume) is dealing with B2C as it trades with end consumer.

What is content writing?
Content writing is a process of strategizing, writing, editing and auditing content for website, blogs, social media, emails, newsletter, articles, broachers and anything or everything that represent your business in front of your audience through content.

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Why content writing is important?
To build a sustainable business, you need to convert strangers into customer to loyal fan. This conversion need communication and content writing is the only mean to that communication.

Making sale is not just a one-step like you introduce your service or product and the prospect will call it YES. The conversion involves several steps. In every step you need to communicate through your content in form of social media post, blogs, articles, newsletter, offer emails, broachers etc.

Content writing is important as it helps to
  1. Aware people about your business
  2. Build trust
  3. Increase engagement
  4. Convert them into customer
  5. Reconsider your business again

Why content writing for B2B vs B2C differ?
As mention above; every group of people (it can be based on age, geographically or psychologically) need a different kind of communication. So, you should not talk to anyone and everyone with the same tone or message or way.

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Difference between B2B and B2C content writing?
No matter whether you are writing for B2B or B2C the end motive of content writing is to write a content that sell or spread awareness among your audience about your business.

Here’re major points you should acknowledge for B2B and B2C content writing.

Audience size & number of buyers:
Audience size is the group of people you are willing to serve. Number of buyers are the people involve in purchase decision making.
B2B: Write to address the small audience.
When you are writing a content for Business to Business, you are addressing or need to address small viable audience. This small viable audience are filled with the group of decision makers or you can call team.
Hence, you have to write content that appeal with each individual present in the decision-making phase.
B2C: Write to address the large audience.
B2C has large group your audience. Hence, you must write content that connects with the large audience but still feel personalize. This large group of audience consist on “single individuals”.
But you have to communicate with each one of them on personal level in order to guide them in purchasing journey.

Type of content:
Type of content refers to value of information your content holds.
B2B: Educational.
When you write for B2B, you write to educate your audience. The more you provide information backed with case studies, proofs and research the more authoritative you will look.
This kind of content assures audience that your product or solution is best fit for their requirement. Your content should address how your product or service will going to ease their life.
B2C: Entertaining.
Content written for B2C doesn’t need to be educational. It can address their little problem with lightweight information and mostly in entertaining form like memes.
Here, you need a content they can come back to. Generally, B2C products are never like one time investment. In such businesses, there is always a chance that customer will need your product after a certain period of time. Hence, create content that embrace their attention forever.

Purpose of content:
As mentioned early, the end motive of writing a piece of content is either to introduce your business or to generate sale. But here purpose refer to the feeling your content should generate inside viewer’s mind.
B2B: Write to build trust.
The major role of your content in B2B is to build trust and authority that last long as purchasing decision period in B2B is long enough. You have to write a content that should assure them you and your service are worth to trust.
Include testimonials of your past client and result oriented work that will prove audience, your service quality.
B2C: Write to trigger emotion.
As in B2C the consumer purchasing behaviour is quick as compare to B2B. So, what makes people to take quick action? It’s emotions. Emotions like fear of missing out or left out behind the trend, status quo, ease the life, urge to explore new things, so on and on.
So, write to hit the nerve and eventually make the sale quick.

As platform changes, your tone should. And as audience group (B2B or B2C), your platform should. Know where your audience is spending their online time.
Without audience research it not a good way to conclude platform for one’s business. So, I am not declaring which platform you should select.
But I must say, Twitter and LinkedIn (in some scenario Facebook too) appear to be a good option for B2B and platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest are proved to be potential platforms for B2C.

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Bottom line:
There are so many points that differentiates B2B content with B2C which is not possible to cover in the single blog. We’ll try to cover all in the name of other blogs. Thus, Stay tune for it!

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