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The activity of sending bulk advertising messages through email to a targeted group of people is called email marketing. Personalizing emails plays a vital role in converting your audience into customers.
However achieving true personalization in email marketing, where each email is tailored to individual recipient preferences and behaviors, can be a significant challenge. Apart from personalizing emails, ensuring your emails are reaching the recipient’s inbox rather than being marketed as spam is also very challenging.

Email marketing: where every click is a step closer to a customer's heart.

In email marketing services, Digiting manages activities such as audience segmentation, content creation, design templates & layout, personalized context, optimized subject line, audience list management, sending strategy, automation & testing, performance tracking, analytics & reports delivery.
Through effective email marketing campaigns, You can expand your reach, increase revenue, and establish long-lasting relationships with your audience, contributing significantly to overall business growth.
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Why Email Marketing?

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Digiting will help you in remarketing and follow-ups to amplify the relationship of you with your customers and encourages your customer to take your services or product. We’ll help you to nurture your customer’s journey through emails.
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The frequency of email sends depends on your audience and content. Generally, a consistent schedule (e.g., weekly or monthly) works well, but it should align with your subscribers’ expectations and preferences.

You can grow your list by using sign-up forms on your website, offering incentives like discounts or free resources, hosting webinars or events, and using social media to promote your email newsletter.

Open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, unsubscribe rates, and ROI are important metrics to monitor. Use email marketing software and analytics tools to measure and analyze these metrics.

Avoid spammy content, use double opt-in methods, include an unsubscribe link, and adhere to email marketing regulations like CAN-SPAM and GDPR to maintain a positive sender reputation.

The best time to send emails can vary by industry and audience. Testing different send times can help determine when your subscribers are most responsive.

To improve CTR, use compelling and relevant content, include clear CTAs, personalize emails, and optimize email design for mobile devices.