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By Admin | 03 Feb 2022

Is bigger audience always better audience

Is your product for anyone or everyone?
You’re cotton candy seller. You are setting your stall at the side of random road. Here, the busier road, the higher chances of getting eye balls on you. The people pass through road can be men, women, kids; of any age.

Tell me one thing, who would be your buyers (targeted audience) as a cotton candy seller?

Let’s be certain about the target audience. It will be KIDS. I know you thought the same.
If you’re targeting kids, then you should set your stall nearby kid’s playgrounds or schools.

Where you would be seen by a lesser number of people but there will be higher probabilities of getting sales comparatively than any random road where you might miss the chance of catching kid eye sight.

So far, I have made this point clear that higher the views don’t mean the sales will be higher.

You must be agreeing with me that we can’t sell our product to anyone or everyone. We have to be very specific about targeted audience.

Now you’re wondering
why audience size matters at all?
why can’t we just we can’t distribute the same message to all?

Audience size matters because your product can not, please everyone or anyone.

And if you’re planning to sell to anyone from everyone i.e., trying to pass your message to everyone possible, will sell anyone who agrees to buy, will be a huge mistake which is never gonna build a true community.

Because in such scenarios, no one will come back to you as they aren’t actually in need of your service or product.

So, here is where the need of small viable (within reach) market need arises.

What is small viable market?
As Seth Godin describe small viable market in his book, ‘This Is Marketing’; small portion of a marketing waiting for your focus. It’s a group of people you are seeking to make promise of change. (A promise of that will happen if you do this)
Why bigger is not a good choice to go with?
Why small viable market is best to start with?
Following are the key points that will give you answer to both of your questions:

  • You can’t make everyone happy:
    A marketing is a promise that we make to change our prospect, a promise with our service or product that will change their business. Fulfilling promise to everyone is tough or nearly impossible because everyone is too diverse, too enormous, too indifferent.

  • Small marketing gives genuine feedback:
    Viable market gives you valuable feedback. Implementing their feedback into your future product led to high quality product for your audience.
Overview of audience behavior by digiting
  • You can’t rely on analytics of large audience:
    A large audience will lead you to unpredictable, unreliable, falsely analytics. Consider your content is viewed by thousands of people and only ten people are engaging with it. What conclusion you’ll make over your analytics.?
    Surely, you’ll think your content or graphics or tune is not good enough. Or may think your product is not fit for your audience. So, you’ll end up altering one of the two.
    But you rarely give a thought that your audience is not a good fit for you!

  • You can’t personalize message to large audience:
    It’s an era of contextual content where general content won’t help your audience to make any purchasing decision. You have to personalize the message to trigger belongingness among audience. And this is only possible with small group of people who share same psychology rather than demography.
So, come back to our question, Is big audience always better? Straight forward answer is NO and now you know why.
Here, I am so excited to share my failure by choosing entirely wrong set of groups.

As a digital marketer, in a very broad way, my audience will be whoever needs digital marketing services i.e. business owners or decision makers (and also, marketing agency or freelancer who want to outsource their projects.)

I ran paid giveaway ads of 30 social media post absolutely for free. The targeted audience were business owners and entrepreneurs.

For this campaign I got horrible results!

Does that mean offer was awful? Or useless? Or graphic was not appealing?

No, maybe none of them are reason of my failed campaign.
Why, so? Why these people, don’t want free valuable stuff?

Here’s reason I figured out.

Do you know? there are so many businesses owner who don’t even know complete feature of social media.

Even if they are aware of them, would they be able to find time for posting 30 post and strategizing to make it work. Absolutely not, they got lot of other essential work for which they can’t even hire others.

So, I conclude these two are the reason of my failed campaign.

Then, which group can be the best fit for my offer? We can say which would be the same viable market for my offer?

A freelancer marketer and marketing agency would be the best fit.

Although the market for them is too small to find out through paid ad but still they were the only group who could have benefited from this offer.
You have to talk to specific group of people rather than talking to anyone or everyone.
Gather people base on psychology over demographically.
I hope you find it useful.
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