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Details to be Considered While Choosing Domain Name

Informing about how to choose a domain name and domain extension for your online business, let’s start with what is domain name and domain extension first.

Domain name
In a very common term, the name of your online business is a domain name or simpler name of your website. It is the same as having a name for your shop or offline business.

Domain name extension
The last part of your domain name is known as the domain name extension. It is like the locality of your business over the internet in which your website is built.

Choosing a domain name is one of the main and first steps towards building an online business. Hence, choose them wisely.

Details to be Considered While Choosing Domain Name
Now I am Covering every detail you need to considered while choosing a domain name which are as follows:
  • Must be easy to say and memorize:
  • Your domain name should be short, memorable, easy to spell & pronounce. Shortening the name will help your audience to share your website via word of mouth.
    Try to avoid such mistakes where a slightly different alphabet can drive your audience to your competitor.
    Look here,
thepropertyadviser website image
thepropertadvisor website

What you see in both URL is just a difference of ‘o’ and ‘e’. As both of the websites are real estate then there are chances of losing their potential customers if their audience comes via word-of-mouth.

  • Use a short form for a long business name:
  • Nobody likes to type a 30-character domain name. Hence, if your domain name consists of 3 or more words then you must use the short form of it.
    For instance, your business name is digital marketing consultancy and services then instead of using use
    Here is an example,
mcta website image

Look at the highlighted part, their academy name is “Marketing Course Training Academy” and they use mcta i.e. a short form of their academy name in URL. Which helps to remember the URL quickly.

  • Avoid numbers and hyphens:
  • Many people use hyphens to separate words in URLs. But according to moz “use of hyphens also strongly correlates with spammy behavior and decreases domain name readability and memorability.”
    Use of numbers create confusion among your audience that the number in the URL is a number or must be written in words. Ex. 99 or ninety nine or ninety-nine.
    Look at the following snippet
7th heaven website image
nine colors website image

In the above pictures, one website has a number in the number form i.e. 7 and another website has a number in words i.e. nine. Which leads to misunderstanding.

  • Don’t fall for poor extension:
  • If you don’t get TLD for your domain then use tactics that I describe in the rest of the blog but don’t go for poor extensions such as .loan, .top, .bid, etc.
    Try to get .com as it is the favorite extension of google. If it is not possible then you can use country code TLD like .in, .uk, .us, etc which helps you to rank geographically.
  • Register with other TLD too:
  • If you have a good budget then try to take over other top extensions like .in (or .uk, .us, etc depending upon your country), .net, .org and redirect them to your main domain.
    By doing this you will eliminate the risk that your competitor steals your domain name with another extension.
hostinger with ccTLD
hostinger with top TLD
What if your desired domain name is already taken?
There are 2 billion websites so there is a possibility that your desire domain name is already taken. But don’t panic about it. Here, I am sharing tactics you can use while searching for your domain.
  • Consider using synonyms:
  • Suppose you want a domain name financial planner but it is unavailable then you can go for a financial expert.
  • Try another TLD:
  • If .com is not available buy country code TLD. If ccTLD is also unavailable use .net, .org, .co
  • Expand your brand name:
  • You can expand your domain name by adding a word that naturally defines your brand. Have a look at the below example.
Cadbury gifting website image

In URL word “gifting” describes the nature of a Cadbury brand which is focused on giving love and cares for others.

  • Use articles or verbs:
  • Extend your domain name with the word “the” as shown in the given example.
thepropertyadviser website image

Or you can extend the domain name with a suitable verb as given below

ubereats website snippet
  • Try to buy:
  • If you don’t find your desired domain name on the registrar site then type the complete URL, there may be a slight chance you get an inactive website or expired website as shown in the below image.
inactive website image

Try to contact the admin and buy it from them. You can get admin information through whois.

Final Words
One thing I lastly wanted to share with you is a myth about domain name many people have that is domain name plays a huge role in SEO but it is not. Rich keyword in domain doesn’t play a role if your content doesn’t give the valued answer to the user’s query.

Hope you find it useful. Share your answers to us on our social media. Count us for your support in any aspect of digital marketing.

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