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By Admin | 07 Oct 2021

Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about digital marketing – Answered!

As businesses are moving towards online, the need of digital marketing is growing at alarming rate.

Everyone who is learning it or applying it are placing their opinion and experience which leads to plenty of myths and questions among people around digital marketing.

But you don’t need to worry as I am here to answer top 20 most common or frequently asked questions about digital marketing, just for you!

So, let’s get started!

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Q1) Are blogs more valuable than social media posts as they stay indexed?
Blogs are necessary to drive traffic to your website. It helps to get a higher rank on SERP. Although social media posts lifespan is too short but necessary as omnipresence is the key for today’s marketing.
This question arises as the lifespan of blog posts is too longer than social media posts.
The following points will make you understand when to use blog posts and when social media posts.
1) Blogs are necessary to drive traffic to your website. It helps you to get a higher rank on SERP.
2) Although social media post lifespan is very less compared to a blog post. But it is necessary for branding your business.
3) The need of using them depends upon whether you are in B2B or B2C and you are service-based or product-based.
4) If it is the product you can utilize social media to showcase your creativity.
5) If it’s a service then you need to write highly qualified blogs around your niche to showcase your authority in your domain.
6) If you are B2c, your audience and purchasing decision-makers are available active on social media. If you are a B2B, decision-makers of a company are not highly active on social media (except LinkedIn)
I would recommend that you must use both as they are necessary to growing your business online that is why you have to make the best strategy that includes the use of both.

Q2) Does Email Marketing still works?
It’s undoubtedly still working. The success of this tool is limited by a lack of relevant content that appeals to the recipient.
It fails because the content of the email does not meet the interests of the recipients.

Q3) Can I do Digital Marketing for my business by myself?
Yes, Of course, If you think posting on social media only is called Digital Marketing!!!
Digital marketing needs either your time or money to work. If you want it to do by all yourself then you need to give an enough time to learn, apply and improvise the strategies.
But as a business owner you won’t have enough time to do the same. Hence, you may require to hire someone.

Q4) Does content is everything in digital marketing?
Everyone says “Content is the king!”. But does the king of one kingdom can rule the other kingdom?
Hell no, the king only rules the kingdom that he owns. Similarly, to make your content work out, you will need a right kingdom i.e., Audience. Along with the attractive content you need the right targeted audience.
Yes, it is the major part of digital marketing but there are other things to be concerned about too.

Q5) Does quality content creates backlink?
Backlinks are the external links from another domain which are point to your domain. There are 3 common ways to create backlink:
1) Paid backlink: You pay others to link to your domain or a particular article.
2) Reciprocal backlink: You and the second person link each other’s domain.
3) Unpaid: This is the link create because you have high quality content.
So, yes, quality content creates backlink. But people will link your content only if it appears in front of them and educate them.
Hence, after writing a high-quality content you need to market it such that it reaches to potential audience.

Q6) Does quality content creates engagement?
Yes, but only if you win to drag the audience towards your content. Remember, valuable contents need marketing too.
I have seen so many insightful videos with more or less than 1000 views.

Q7) Digital Marketing is for B2B or B2C?
It is important for both to grow their businesses. But the platforms, strategies and approach etc. will be different.

Q8) Is social media marketing better for B2B or B2C?
It is important for both, B2C businesses can share fun, product images whereas B2B businesses must share valuable industrial content.

Q9) Which social media is best for my business?
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest are most commonly used. Determine where your audience are spending time based on their age and profession.

Q10) How often should I post on social media?
Try to post daily, it is important for your audience as well as for social media algorithm. Be consistent with your schedule on social media.
If you decided to upload 2 post per day then post twice a day consistently.
If you have decided to post twice in a week then be consistent with that too.

Q11) How can I earn from social media?
Platforms such as Facebook or YouTube has monetization option. You can earn directly from them by making audience to stay and engage with the platform.
There is no monetization system in social media like Instagram. You can’t earn directly from instead use it for brand awareness about your product or services or be an influencer to earn from the brands.

Q12) Does scheduling decreases engagement rate?
No, it is okay to use scheduling tool to schedule your post. Even it will help you to be consistent as you won’t have any rush at the time of uploading.
But what matters most is you must actively engage with your audience and other accounts.
If you have scheduled for a week and then don’t show up for a whole week on that particular platform then surely it will decrease your engagement rate.

Q13) Can we post same content across all platform?
No, your content must be contextual i.e., it must be different depending on platform. For e.g. You can’t post dance video on LinkedIn.

Q14) Does every small business need website?
You may have heard, “Website is the basic building block for online business.” No, this is not applicable for all kind of small business.
You just need a place to place your online store. It can be social media page, YouTube, or a blog page. A website will cost you if you won’t able to drag traffic, visitors or convert sales.

Q15) Does Capitalization matter?
  • In keywords?
    No, it does not matter and does not affect your website. Keywords always match without regard to uppercase or lowercase letters.
  • In hashtags?
    No, even it is considered a good practice to use caps if your hashtag is much like a phrase. if your hashtag is just one word or relatively short, then all lower-case is more acceptable.
  • In YouTube tags?
    No, it has no effect on SEO results, use capitals if you like, such as for names of places or to separate words in a phrase, but they neither help nor hinder your video’s SEO.

Q16) Does building backlinks is the top most factor of SEO?
It is one of the most important factors but not top most. There are other equally valuable ranking factors related to UX, mobile usability, technical performance, content length and many more.

Q17) All links on a page have equal value?
No, of course not. Every link has a different weightage. Placement or location of a link on the page is important.
When you have embedded a link inside an article or blog’s content, it is considered to be more powerful than one place on an empty page or elsewhere on the page.
Links in the beginning of an article or blog carry more weight than the one place at the end.

Q18) External links are superior than internal links?
An external link is the link that points at the external domain. Top SEOs believe that external links are the most important source of ranking power because the search engine consider them as third-party votes.
Consider that your website has a page that has quality content but not ranking on a SERP. If your well ranked page links to that page then power will transfer to it and page will start ranking. In such cases, internal links also hold the great power.

Q19) Links from outside your niche won’t support ranking:?
Irrelevant links to your niche can also help to grow your website if that website has high authority.

Q20) Nofollow links doesn’t contributes in link building?
Google doesn’t crawl nofollow links and these links don’t contribute to ranking your website directly. It helps in SEO indirectly as it can drive the traffic to your website which is one of the important parts in ranking.

The above are top 20 frequently asked questions about digital marketing. I hope it will help you some.
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