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By Admin | 13 March 2021

Evergreen Traditional marketing tactics

Is traditional marketing still can give me the results?
Is traditional marketing still effective?
Is traditional marketing still relevant?
Is traditional marketing still important?
Is traditional marketing still practiced today?
Is traditional marketing dead?
Is traditional marketing dead or alive?
Is traditional marketing still a viable option for business?
What are the traditional marketing tactics that can be useful in a digital world?
Is the world full of digital marketing, is it worth using traditional marketing tactics?

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or freelancer then you probably had these questions in your head or even might have searched for the answer (of course you have searched for, that’s the reason you are reading this!).

It is necessary to answer this question as the world is moving towards online at an alarming rate.

Let’s begin with understanding of traditional marketing.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is any marketing technique that doesn’t use the internet. This means print, broadcast, direct mail, phone, and outdoor advertising like billboards or pamphlets.
There are a lot of disadvantages of following traditional marketing over digital marketing or online marketing (read why digital marketing is important for any business) but I have 3 evergreen traditional marketing tactics for you that will always be useful no matter how drastically marketing style changes.

Evergreen Traditional marketing tactics

No matter how great you are doing online but surely these tactics will scale your business to the next level.

  1. Business card
  2. when you meet a person and introduce your business there is only one way that reminds him/her about you later is your business card.
    Let’s understand the importance of having a business card with this illustration:
    Suppose you meet an unknown person in one of the family functions or friends gathering or while traveling. After having some random conversation, you found out that in the future he/she likely to be your customer.
    Now, you start explaining your business. If you give your website or email name to contact in the future, he/she will be going to forget, and even if you gave him/her a contact number it will get ignored with hundreds of other contacts.
    So, the best and irreplaceable option you are left with is a business card.
    Mention logo, your name, your post, contact details, services with decent font and theme (if your company doesn’t have one or else use your company theme).

  3. Direct Call
  4. No newsletters, email copies, DMs, etc can impact the prospect better than a direct call. Make sure you prepare yourself before actually calling your prospect.
    As you know the saying, “No sales plan survive contact with the customer”. No matter how much you are ready with the so-called blueprint of a successful sales call. At some point, nothing going to work.
    That doesn’t mean you start calling without preparing first. Prepare for the questions you are going to ask your prospect to get the requirements clear.

  5. Personal Visit
  6. After this corona pandemic, will you still think to use a zoom or skype for your business meeting?
    If no, Great!!
    If yes, Change your mind now.
    Because a Personal meeting is far better than an online meeting. Your gestures, hand moments, vocal tone, pacing, facial expressions, and other nonverbal sign helps to build trust which is impossible in a virtual meeting. Hence, close your deal with a personal visit.
    These are the main traditional marketing tactics that you should never leave behind in the digital world.
I hope you find it useful. if you need any help in marketing your business feel free to contact us.
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