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By Admin | 02 Oct 2021 | Updated 03 Feb 2023

Best way to Repurpose Content For Multiple Channels

Too many platforms, over 7 billion people across the world, 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide (according to statista).

Do you think, single type of content or only one platform is enough to address with such a large audience? A big NO, as all of them, got the different taste of consuming information.

Even though your audience need a same kind of information & knowledge but they are likely to consume it in different format. Some of your audience would love to gain information in a podcast form, some would prefer video, many love to read.

Also, people spend their time on different platforms depending upon their interest. And of course, different kind of platform will promote different kind of content format.
For example, Instagram promotes reels or carousels, infographic interests Pinterest user.

It is pretty obvious that you will get exhausted when you’re going to produce different content in all type of form for multiple channels. Hence, the need to repurposing your content arises.

This blog will show you the best way to repurpose content for multiple channels.

What is content repurposing?

Repurposing content (also known as “content recycling”) is the technique of repurposing existing content by reusing all or parts of it in order to increase its reach.

Typically, repurposed content is your old content transformed into a new format (for example, turning a blog post into an infographic).

Why content repurposing is important?

As you know, there are 4.66 billion active internet users across the digital channels. Hence, you need omnipresence, as you don’t know where your audience is spending time.

To please your audience at every digital channel you need to create content according to the platform. Like for Instagram you can create carousal or reels, for Facebook create single image, for YouTube video is must, for Pinterest produce infographics.

Producing different content for a different platform is practically challenging. Hence, content repurposing is the best way to never run out of content for any digital channel.

Best way to repurpose content for multiple channels

You can repurpose your old content or can present your new content in many forms as given in the rest of the blog.

Infographic of best way to repurpose content by digiting
Here we go…

Take any of your old blog and expand it according to the latest information. If you do not have any then write it down because blog is the best form of content that can be converted into many other different formats as it is the biggest form in the content writing.

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Social media post:
As you will need carousel to upload on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook you can use the bulleted points of your blog as social media post.

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Podcast :
Record the voice while reading your blog and share it to every podcasting platform like anchor or Spotify.

Video :
Read your blog in front camera and your content for platform such as YouTube igtv are ready. You can show your face and if you are camera shy or don’t want to show face, you can use animations tools like Powtoon etc.

Emailed it to subscribers :
Pick out the most valuable part within your blog and share it with your subscribers list. After giving short and important information from the blog, add link to your complete blog.

Tweet :
Copy out the most important line from your blog, it can be the statistics or a learning point or maybe the conclusion and tweet it on Twitter.

Answers on forum :
Take any of your old blog and expand it aSearch the queries or questions on forums around the topic of your blog and answer them with a personal touch. At the end of the answer, you can add link to your complete blog.

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FAQs Related To Content Repurposing:

Can I post same content over all digital platform?
Today’s marketing is not limited to advertise your business. It is about connecting with peoples’ emotions. Which can be done only by contextual content, the content optimized by the need of audience.
For example, you can post your morning walk with the caption good morning on Instagram. But you can’t do the same at LinkedIn.

You can post morning walk image at LinkedIn but instead good morning caption, you will write a caption that contains value like write the benefit of morning walk or importance of health etc.

What is omnipresence?
By the definition, Omnipresence is the property of being present anywhere and everywhere. Now a days this concept is widely used in marketing. It means, meeting your customers on their terms anywhere and anytime they want to be.
The omnipresence marketing technique not only involves all digital channel it also includes offline marketing or traditional marketing too.

Can I focus on only one platform for marketing?
Teens prefer Instagram, elder people use Facebook, CEOs are active on twitter, company’s decision makers are scrolling on LinkedIn. Do you really think your presence on a single platform is enough to speak to your audience?
PS: Some small businesses like, beauty products, household products etc. can use the power of Instagram to grow their business.

What are the common digital channels to cover?
Depending upon the business and region, you must cover, LinkedIn, Instagram. Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, twitter.

Do you have any other questions? Ask us!

Wrapping it!
I hope this blog will help you to reach your customer across all platform in every formate!

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