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By Admin | 13 Aug 2021

Why & How to use forums for Business?

They say, “You could get rich just by having the right conversation with the right people.”

And yes, we all agree with that.

Talking about your business in a small circle where all of them are definitely is or will be interested in your business is worth far than advertising your business in front of 1000 people who barely will be your potential customer.

That is the exact scenario of branding on forums community and social media.

In this blog I will share why & how to use forum sites for your business.
Here you can directly jump onto your desired topic:

What is forum site?
Top 2 forums for your business with their user stats
Why to use forums for your business?
How to use forum community for your business?

Let’s get started
What is forum site?
Forums are online discussion sites where anyone can answer & question about any topics like tech, trades, politics, education, sports, meme etc.
Top 2 forums for your business with their user stats
Reddit and Quora are the most used forums all over the world regardless of age, gender, interest, business, region etc.

The website promotes itself as the “internet’s top page”. It is a network of communities based on people’s interests. You need to find communities you’re interested in, become part of an online community and share your knowledge around that particular topic.
Some of the user data about reddit you must know:
  • Reddit has over 430 million monthly active users. An increase of 30.3% from a year earlier
  • 52 million daily active users access Reddit
  • India has 13.57 million users which is the 3rd country highest user in the world
  • Over 100,000 active communities on Reddit
  • 17% of people use reddit to follow brands & companies
Source : backlinko

Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. It is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.
Some of the user data about Quora you must know:
  • Quora has 300 million monthly active users
  • 22.2% of Quora traffics comes from India
  • Companies using Quora Ads, 60% are B2B and 40% are B2C
  • Adults spend 2x as much time on Quora than LinkedIn
  • Businesses using Quora Ads have seen up to 4x more conversions
  • 63% of Quora’s visits come from online searches
Source : foundationinc

Why to use forums for your business?
The above mentioned stats are enough to show you that why you should care about the forums for your business growth. You can’t risk to miss to hit millions of people. The rest of the reasons to use forums are stated below:

  1. You will be flooded with the content ideas:
    On forums you will find out so many hot content ideas such trends, topics, news memes, etc. based on what people are asking around your business.
    You will never get rid of content idea to post on social media when you are listening to the audience discussing on forums as here people are providing values in the comment section too.
  2. Helps to drag traffic on your website:
    You can provide link to your blog, article, social media post, product, or service etc. while responding to people’ question.
    As of now these links won’t give you the backlink juice but eventually helps to drag the traffic towards desired page or website which leads to fulfil one of the most important factors of SEO i.e. website traffic
  3. Connects you directly with the potential customers:
    As you are interacting with the people who are already looking for the solution or raised a question around your business that might be fulfilled by your product or services, increase the rate of conversion.
    Unlike social media, here you are communicating with the right people who will be your potential customer.
  4. Build your authority:
    As QnA of forums are indexed by google, your answers might appear in the search result page if it is relevant to the searched query which result in brand awareness and builds authority.
  5. Excluding your customers, you can connect with experts in your niche:
    Aside from business benefits, you can learn a lot from industrial experts of your niche and can easily get connected with them.

How to use forum community for your business?
Follow the following steps to engage on forums:
  • Join the community that share same insights and interest as you.
  • Leave valuable comments on the post of community member.
  • Search for the questions around your business.
  • Answer genuinely to that question without promoting yourself and your business.
  • Leave a link to your website or blog or to contact you!
Check the example:
Example of answer on Quora by saba shaikh
Let’s conclude
After all these data, I would say, if tomorrow social media will disappear from the world I would and you should definitely choose forums to market your business.
I hope you find it useful. if you need any help in marketing your business feel free to contact us.
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