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By Admin | 19 Aug 2021

9 Landing page tips that converts
[+ best landing page builders]

As it is a human tendency, we tend to work better when we know why to do it and importance of doing it.
Henceforth, before bombarding you with the tips and tools to create landing page, I would like to share with you the importance of landing page.

So, blog structures as follows (you can directly jump onto your desired part):

What is landing page?
Why landing page is important?
9 Landing page tips that converts
Bestlanding page builders

Let’s dig into each point…
What is landing page?
Landing page itself sounds as the page where user or visitor lands on. Technically, when a user clicks on an ad, the web page which users encounter is called the landing page.

Many times, people use their home page or contact page of a website as a landing page. But this is not a good way to drag your customers on, when you offer something.

Instead, it is always a great idea to create a separate page that must resonate with your ad copy.
Why landing page is important?
Landing page is important because “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Landing pages play a vital role in sales as it is the first impression of your online store.

As your visitors came here a long journey over this page (i.e., they came over here when you target them, run a campaign for them, they saw it, click on it and then land over this page) you should not disappoint them.

To make sure, they will take the intended action you must follow the 9 Landing page tips that converts given in the next part of the blog.
9 Landing page tips that converts
You must try to cover all the tips mentioned below to create landing page for your next campaign to make sure your visitors won’t exit from landing page.

  1. Ad copy and landing page’s text must coordinate:
    Your landing page heading must include the heading of ad copy through which the visitor has land.

  2. Headline must be convincing and explanatory:
    Choose such a headline that must arouse the feeling of urgency or needy and convince them that they need your solution.
    It must properly and transparently explain the offer you are offering.

  3. Narrative should be clear and giving enough information to prospect:
    Write a brief and understandable content that must include all the offers you are offering with amount, quality or quantity etc. including terms and conditions.

  4. Ask for tiny information:
    Don’t add too much field in lead form. Ask for basic and essential information. Most of the people hit back after looking at long form.

  5. Don’t distract your prospect with navigating link:
    Don’t give any other option to prospects other than desire action that is CTA.
    If you include any links than there will be a high chance of decreasing conversion rate as you give prospect the options for their action like navigating to other pages of your website.

  6. Add trusted component or social proof:
    Include testimonials, customer ratings, reviews, success stories. Social shares etc. to gain trust of prospects.

  7. Invest in a good font and images that directs the visitor to eye-catching CTA:
    I am not saying hire the graphic designer to build the landing page.
    There are so many tools that can help you to design landing pages by just doing drag and drop. You just have to invest time to learn these tools.

  8. Follow up with thankyou page and guide the prospect to other related material on website:
    After registration, it is always a good idea to follow a thankyou page. As I have mentioned above, don’t include a distraction on landing page, on thankyou page you can add a link to your website or to other related material.

  9. Don’t leave the emotional punch behind:
    Prospects take action only when your ad then landing page successfully triggers in their subconscious mind.
    Generate curiosity, urgency, scarcity or unsettledness to make them feel, your offer will definitely make a difference for their problem.
Best landing page builders
There are so many easy-to-use tools you can use to build landing page and some of them are listed below:
    • ConvertKit
      ConvertKit promotes itself as the creator marketing platform. Here you can Promote your latest project and collect subscribers with beautiful landing pages, sign up forms, and link pages that make your work stand out.
1 landing page builder digiting brought for you
  • Ucraft
    Ucraft is a free landing page builder. You can create responsive landing pages to showcase your product, drive organic traffic, and generate more leads by just dragging and dropping.
2nd landing page builder digiting brought for you
  • Carrd
    Carrd is simply, fully, responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything like introductory website, landing page etc. You can start with any one template from dozens of templates and customize it as you wish.
3rd landing page builder digiting brought for you
  • Launchrock
    Launchrock is a website creation tool that enables businesses to create, launch, and manage landing pages using custom templates in order to connect with customers. On a single platform, marketers can generate targeted marketing pages in real time, handle client emails, and track consumer activity.
4th landing page builder digiting brought for you
  • Landbot
    Landbot is a cloud-based technology that enables small and medium enterprises to communicate with customers through conversational websites, landing pages, surveys, and lead generation chatbots, resulting in enhanced user interfaces and conversion rates.
5th landing page builder digiting brought for you

Some good alternatives:
Last words:
Landing page is a place where your visitors will decide whether to give their valuable data (i.e. lead) to you or not.
Hence, build it simple & clear with the tools mentioned above (or any tool you may know). Remember that tools changes as per the trends.
I hope you find it useful. if you need any help in marketing your business feel free to contact us.
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