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By Admin | 24 Feb 2022

Digital Marketing: Course or Service

What’s better for business owner?
Digital marketing now becomes the need of business owners and the first choice of youth who want to pursue their career in entrepreneurship. If you are a student or want to become a digital marketer then you can jump onto ‘how to find best digital marketing course’.

Because in rest of the blog I’m talking with business owners who aren’t able to make decision whether to buy a digital marketing service or go for digital marketing course.

It’s a basic nature of business owners to learn anything and everything that can help them to grow their business. Their hunger for growth is never ending (which should not be). But let me clear you one thing, if you want to feed your hunger you just need a food. Not necessary to know how to cook.

Similarly, you do not need to learn digital marketing completely. Just know what is digital marketing, why it is important for your business, which technique of digital marketing is necessary for your business. This awareness is necessary to save yourselves from fake gurus and service providers.

No need to learn how to do digital marketing for your business. I would recommend you to hire marketer for ‘how to’ part instead of learning it and applying it to your business.
5 Reasons business owners should not implement digital marketing by himself:
  1. You’ve got 24 hours only
    You and I are bonded by time. We only got 24 hours and got lot of business stuff to be done. Every part of business-like production, marketing and selling needs planning, strategizing, and executing. So how can you cover it all within 24 hours.
  2. Segregation is a part of business and leadership
    You are a business owner i.e. whole team is working behind you. You’re leader to them. Dividing the work to the right people is one of the skill a leader should have.
  3. Course won’t teach you the exact implementation of techniques
    Different business needs different marketing implementation. The course you will join will teach every different background of business man at same time in a single way. Which may not be useful for your business.
  4. Let professionals do their work
    Every now and then new technology and platforms are coming, algorithm updates at alarming rate. How can you keep yourself up to date with these updates? Professional are dealing with it daily so let them work for you.
  5. Whatever the average course covers, you’ll find everything online for free
    The average digital marketing course covers how to use ‘some’ tools like ad manager, AdWords, social media platforms, Canva (or other deigning tool), Mailchimp (or other email tool) etc. which you will find online for free (may be more then this) on YouTube or forums.
The conclusion is,

You must know the saying, a work should be done by the person who is meant to do it, and if done by other, no profit would be made by the work. Let professionals do their work. Focus on the part of business where you cannot hire someone except yourself. As there are so many roads to be taken in business growth. Marketing is just one of them, not the only. So let marketers drive on it. You should take other ways.

As mentioned previously, it is good to know about digital marketing such that you won’t fall for fake gurus and marketer. Or want to learn everything about it and have enough time to trial and error, or making one of your teammates to learn digital marketing then you need to find a not so fake course.

I know you are bombarded with so many offers and course of digital marketing, you may catch up by falsie promising course. Follow the following step to find the good one digital marketing course for you.
How to find perfect digital marketing course:
  1. Decide whether you’re going for online or offline
    You need to decide whether you want to join an institution or wanted to learn online. Pandemic situation makes people to choose online course but I would recommend you to go for offline course.
    (I know you’re wondering and thinking ‘are you out of your mind? How can I possibly take out time for classes in my busy schedule?’, but hear me out)
    Connecting offline builds connection and impact last longer. And as a business owner you knew connection converts and sales happen.
  2. List all institution
    Whether you’re going online or offline list all institution or mentors you want to apply for.
  3. Talk to ex-student or keep eye on their reviews
    If you want to know how the institution or mentor is, talk with those who have experience with them. Ask them how much they focus on practical implementation; do they help after the course or not. Listen to genuine reviews.
  4. Take demo of selected ones
    Do not jump into any conclusion until you take demo class. If you are going for institution, make sure you’ll be taught by the only mentor who present you a demo class.
If you have decided to not go for course and ready to hire marketer then you must first choose whether you want freelancer, or marketer as a permanent employee of your company or agency.
How to find a digital marketing freelancer
You can find freelancer on following website: Or you can manually search for them on LinkedIn.
Make sure you check his/her past work.
How to hire a digital marketer as a permanent employee
Hiring employees, its kind of internal company process and you know how to hire employee in your company better than me.
How to find a digital marketing agency
Hiring agency might take your solid budget but working them absolutely increase your exposure as they have expert for every field.
Here are steps you can go through to find best digital marketing agency:
  • Check their portfolio or past client progress
  • Try to know about team expertise
  • Give attention to their social proof and reputation
  • Don’t fall for fake or over delivering promises
  • Make sure they are easily available to connect whenever you need
Getting into digital marketing is the first step of growing your business online. So, make sure you step in the right way.
I hope you find it useful.
If your head is still full of doubts, I’m always here to help you. You can contact me on LinkedIn. For more tips and solutions follow us on Instagram and Facebook.