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By Admin | 03 March 2022

Be the Brand Voice in the digital world full of Local Chaos!

“It’s time to go online.”
“Be present for your audience online.”
“Take a leverage of social media power for your business.”
“Your audience are online, you should be.”
“Your competitor is stealing your audience, it’s time to go digital.”
Blah. Blah.
This kind of statement will go on and on.

All these statements of marketers were so powerful that it successfully generates FOMO or the need or we can say curiosity among business owners such that every business who seek to stand in the digital world brought up their business online.
jeff bezos quote
Here, the rush begins.

Everyone is online. You are online. Your competitor is online. Selling the same thing at nearly same cost on same platform using similar kind of strategy to the same people.

What do you think, how can you differ?
How could you make sure people will listen to you?
How could you make sure your message won’t get unread or unheard?
How could you make sure your voice should not miss in the chaos of others?

Have you ever been worried about this, since you started selling online? May be yes. Or maybe not before reading this but I know you are concerned about it now.

No worries, I got your back.

I’ve studied keynotes and listed them below for you that will help your message to resonate in your audience head and make you stand as a brand.

Before that let me clear you, what is branding or brand to me. For me it is not how much the profit business makes but it is what people will remind your business first when they are in need of product or service you are providing.

How to be a brand voice in the digital world full of local chaos?
PS: The word local doesn’t attack on local business, it is use to define similar kind of offers bombarded on audience daily.

Here, are 5 practice you should include in your business to stand out from rest of the digital world.

  1. Make your company visuals compelling:
    Everyone is posting on social media, almost everyone has their own website. Appealing in some what similar manner. Then what will make you stand out?
    It’s your graphics, colours you use, font on social media post and website. Your logo differentiates you from rest.

  2. Write your content across your channels that goes never off the beat and personalized it:
    Whether you are writing for email or social media post or blog post or article etc. it all should sync and deliver the single message you want to convey to the world.
    What should differ from platform to platform is your tone. Know when to be funny, formal, educated, casual etc.
    The other key to make your content stand out is make it personal. Get to know for whom you are writing and try to personalized it. Instead of writing Dear Sir/Madam, take a moment to know the viewer and start with the name like Hey Mr. John.
    Write a content to help them instead of making it salesy for your product or service.

  3. Deliver over promised:
    Don’t ever promise the thing that you will not be able to deliver but always try to deliver beyond their expectation, deliver something above your promise.
    Almost everyone serves what has been asked but to stand out, to make people choose you again, to make people not give a business next time to your competitor rather than you, you have to provide more than they had ask.
    Delivering over what you promised will not be ignorable by your consumer and help them to bid their money on you next time again.

  4. Involve them and make them feel prior:
    Your business is here to help people or to ease their work, and not involving those people in the solution doesn’t make any sense. Don’t be ahead of them, be at their side when you are building product for their solution.
    Understand the requirement, ask question that would help you to help them. Customize your solution for them. Make them feel like you are interested in solving their problem instead of selling your product or service.
    Tip: If you find that you’re unable to serve them then gladly give contact of others you may know who can help in the current situation. It will build a strong relation and may get your business in future.

  5. Be available more after purchased phase:
    According to you, what makes business stand long enough? The product. Or the price? Believe me, none of them matters for a long running business.
    The business will not last longer by its product or chap price. It lasts longer by its true fan (loyal audience).
    What makes them true fan? Your availability for them.
    Don’t be a sales man whose work has been done after selling. Sometimes people need you more after purchasing your product. Take follow ups whether your solution is helping them or not. Are your product being easy to use or not. Your consumers feedback will also help your business to find loopholes or upgrade your service or product.

  6. Be YOU!
    Nobody is you and nobody can be. So, just don’t pretend something that you can’t be and do not copy others. Learn from others and apply in your own way. Find your unique voice and stick with it consistently.
Bonus tip:
Talk to few but potential client. Forbes say, “Exclude many to gain the heart of the few.” To understand this statement read another blog: Is Bigger Audience Always Better Audience?
Over to you:
It is not tough to make people like you over the other, you just need to make them feel how much you care about them and are willing to solve their problems and they’ll gladly pay you for that feeling.
I hope you find it useful.
If your head is still full of doubts, I’m always here to help you. You can contact me on LinkedIn. For more tips and solutions follow us on Instagram and Facebook.