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By Admin | 5 Jan 2021

5 Tips To Market Your Gym Online

Do you know? 38% of new year’s resolutions made each year are related to exercise and fitness. Hence, now is the biggest business opportunity for you to get individual’s attention of those people whose new year’s resolution is go to gym. If you succeed in catching those eye balls, you will surely make a good business at this time.

5 Tips To Market Your Gym Online

Here, I am sharing the tips to market your gym online that you must practice to present your gym in front of the people who is looking for gym.
  1. No format is better than video for you
  2. Nothing can be a better and engaging format than video. Upload videos on every platform specially on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Here are the ideas you can consider while creating videos for your gym.
    • Vlog
    • You can post a video like vlog or “a session in my gym” type videos, such that people will go through your gym and facilities even before they visit you.
    • Workout series
    • A lot of series you can post such as transformation, home workout, Exercise for beginners, weight lose etc.
    • Trainer
    • You must post videos related to your trainer like her daily routine, diet etc which will enhance the trust and engagement rate.
    • Testimonial & Q/A
    • Don’t forget to upload testimonial video of your past client. Do #askwithtrainer type live session on your social media to engage with your audience.
    • Informative
    • Put informative videos which gives information about perfect diet, nutrients, proteins, exercise chart, how to use equipment in your gym and so on.
  3. Give priority to local SEO and try to dominate Google’s 1st page
  4. After the word of mouth, the second most trusted source that people used to refer for anything is Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Hence, it become vital for you to be present on google 1st page.
    Do not forget to work on local SEO in such a way that whenever someone queried for “gym near me” in your locality your website must be served at first for any visitor.
  1. Influencer marketing is the key to go viral
  2. None of the marketing technique can impact better than influencer marketing. In the world full of fashion, trends and social media; many teens try to copy the influencers. Hence, influencer marketing can play a major role to make your business.
    Call upon influencers (here they will probably charge you) and ask them to create video and upload it on social media. Tag each other and woohoo you will get the highest reach of potential customers.
  3. Don’t leave any local listing site
  4. Local listing is the online portfolio that contains all the essential information about your business such as business name, address, phone number etc.
    As you know the saying, “You can’t control where people look but you can control if you there.”
    Therefore, you need to present on all local listing site such as sportfocus, directoryfitness, mmagyms, etc. But remember it will differ country to country.
  5. Run promotions & retarget your viewed audience
  6. If you want to get high reach and high engagement rate in the minimum time and have a good budget set for marketing then this is the best option for you, run promotion and retargeting ads on social media.
    Advertising tools such as Ad Manager, AdWords have the option to target only those who viewed or engage with your content previously. This option will present your ad to your desired audience. Thus, it will reduce your costing too.
Bonus Tip
Suppose, you have recently opened your gym. Here your basic motive will be, to make people aware about your gym existence. So, the best strategy would be to make every one aware is, knock every door and introduce your business.
Knock every door means, go to the other shops in your locality and ask them to promote you. In return you will promote their business. It is a part of partnership marketing.
If your locality has the sport store then ask them to introduce your gym and in return you will ask your clients to consider that store too.
This type of marketing is the best way to spread awareness in local area as your main aim is to market your gym, a way doesn’t matter (online or offline).

Last word
Try out these strategies and I am sure you will definitely make great sale this year.
Hope you find it useful. Share what you feel about this blog to us on our social media. Count us for your support in any aspect of digital marketing for your gym.

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