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By Admin | 5 Aug 2020

how to setup an effective ad campaign?

Promoting or selling your product/service can’t be a single step. In order to turn your audience into potential buyers you have to build a strategical journey (or in marketing terms “funnel”).

What is Advertising (Ad) Campaign?
A campaign is a series of process taken to achieve particular goal. In a same manner ad campaign is sequential approach to achieve business goal. The goal can be brand awareness, website traffic, post engagement, views, app installation, lead generation, sales etc.

Now a days digital marketing become very important for any business to grow and running an effective campaign is crucial part of digital marketing strategy as campaign can take your sale to the next level if executed successfully, if not then you ended up wasting money.
Hence proper planning and execution of campaign is must as to achieve better expected results.

How to run an effective ad campaign?
Following are the key points you must focus on to accomplish your ad campaign goal :
  • Search for trended keywords across your business :
  • Explore keywords and topics about your product/service. Keywords are so important because it’s a link between what your audience searching for and the solution(product/service) you are providing.
    To run successful, google ads you must have to concentrate on keywords. There are plenty of tools that will help you to find keywords some of the best tools are adwords keyword planner, semrush, ubersuggest, wordtracker scout etc.
  • Pick up the accurate audience :
  • Don’t waste money on presenting your service/product in front of people who don’t in need of it. If your ad copy is highly attractive putting it in front of people who are not interested in your business can extremally degrade your sales performance.
    So be careful while choosing audience. You can select the audience broadly on the basis of :
    1. location :
    2. Find the location where people ae frequently searches for your product/service. Remember where will be more demand, there sales will also be higher. To find the potential customer use google trend.
    3. Gender & age group :
    4. Narrow down your audience on the basis of gender & age in order to find potential customers.
    5. Interest :
    6. You can also find out your potential customers depending upon their interest across digital platforms.
    (There are other factors also to select niche audience but above are key factors.)
  • Choose the best platform to advertise your product :
  • There are numerous advertisement platforms but commonly used are Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, mobile in-app ads. It will be awesome if you try to present on all social media platforms, but this will require solid budget. If you are running campaign with tight budget then find out best platform for business based on your product, audience and marketing resources.
    Follow the below steps to find out the best platform to sell your product/services :
    1. Set your goal :
    2. Select a digital platform depending upon your goals. For instance, if your goal is brand awareness then Instagram would be better option, if goal is to sell your online courses then google ad probably would be better choice.
    3. Determine the business type :
    4. Suppose you are serving for B2B then best platform LinkedIn. If your business is B2C then best platform would be Facebook/Instagram would be better option.
    5. Give attention to your budget :
    6. Considering your budget is vital point while choosing best platform. Facebook is cheaper if you are dealing with low budget, LinkedIn is comparatively costly then any other platform.
    7. Research where your customers are spending time :
    8. Most of the people have accounts on all social media platform but some of them are not actually active on all. So, be sure to take a time to research a platform that your audience are using.
    Regardless of platform you choose, you have to readily available on that, so whenever the customer complaints or give feedback or ask query, you have to connect with them quickly to make your service recognizable.
  • Select attention grabbing ad format that can easily describe your product/service :
  • There are so many formats you can use to describe your product/service to your customers. Text, infographics, images, videos are format that you can use. Now a day’s videos are proved to be best ad format in order to connect with people emotions. Your ad copy should be easy, attractive and explainable i.e. it must describe your intent quickly.
    As people are using social networking sites for their fun like looking what is there friends are doing, sharing memes, making friends and so many activities except watching your ad. Hence, you have to make your ad copy in such a way that it grabs the scrolled one attention and force him/her take a moment from his/her enjoyable time to read or watch your ad. For a video ad copy, it is necessary for you to seize attention within 3-6 seconds to make your viewer to watch complete ad.
  • Test & try, change your strategy whenever necessary :
  • Sometimes customers behavior can’t be predictable. If your ad is working and giving an expected results then don’t change. If it is not working then optimize your ad copy or change location, audience, keywords, platforms etc.
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