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By Admin | 20 Aug 2020

How to use social media to grow your business for free?

To remodel your business into brand, you must have to use digital marketing for your business.

Tell me, according to you what is meant by growing business? is it about making more money? Yeah, definitely it is about money but how can you make more money if your home is not Reserve Bank of India (or any other bank that prints money). So here is the other option, you don’t need to print money you have to take it from others who have your money in exchange of valuable product or service that you have for them.

So, to grow your business you need to sell your product/service to more and more people. Then how can you reach out more and more people?? The best, free and I believe the only way to connect with people is through Social Media.

Out of 7 Billion people on the planet 3.96 billion people across the world uses social media. Hence here is the biggest opportunity for those who have something to sell. Don’t neglect the power of social media for businesses. The platforms are free and there is no limit on how often you can post on them, so let the world know, about you and your business.

Use following strategies to use social media to grow your business for free :
  1. Have something that you can talk about :
  2. Find your niche that you can talk about, it could be product, service or art anything but it should be something that you will never run out of content. Be sure to believe in your own product or services. If you won’t believe in it, I promise you, you won’t get any sale out of it.
    Remember the quote “don’t sell the product that you wouldn’t buy yourself.” So, ask yourself first am I gonna buy this? If not then try to explore new niche.
  3. Make presence on every single platform with every possible content format :
  4. It will be fine if you focus on one or two platform where your targeted audience spent most of the time but if you really want to dominate in your niche you must have to present across all platforms as 3.96 billion people don’t use all platform, what I mean is youngsters use Instagram more than any other social networking site, professionals prefers LinkedIn, Facebook is used by all age groups, pinterest is popular among women according to a recent study by ComScore, hence you have to present your existence across all platforms.
    Here I want to clear one that don’t post same post over all platforms because on different platform persons looks for different things. The one looks different information on LinkedIn and he/she might look on Facebook for different purpose. Understand your targeted audience on each platform, find out the best content that would work on particular platform and try to post frequently to catch your audience’s eye.
  5. Constantly connect with new people :
  6. Connecting with the more & more people is the key for growing business. As Grant Cardone mention in his book ‘be obsessed or be average’, “Sales is the God of any Business. The viability of any ongoing organization depends on new sales and new customers. Any company dependent upon only a few customers become too depend on too few customers. You need lots of customers paying price that have high margin and make new money.”
    Hence, the secret to scale up your business is expanding your customer base. You need attention to grow your business. The more people know your business eventually higher the sale will be.
    Connect with people by replying their comments on your post, send DM’s to let them know about you or your business, do podcast, make videos to let people know how you are looking. Share every possible moment of a day with your friend or followers on social media, most importantly create value to your audience.
  7. Tell the best possible story to convince them to buy your product or services :
  8. Tell your story, your product story, your accomplishments, share your failures, your ideas, opinions, solutions to the world frequently by using post, IG TV, stories, videos, reel, infographics etc. Let them completely know about you and your business. Provide what they want, not what you can serve.
    You must have heard that “it’s not about how unique your product or service is, it is about how you tell the story about it”. Which means important part is how you market or promote your business regardless of product or services. Never ever hesitate to market yourself or business. T.Harv Eker in his book ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ said, “Rich people willing to promote themselves and their value. Poor people think negatively about selling and promotion.”
  9. Convert your viewers into buyers :
  10. Now it’s time to sell. Once you get the attention and get connected to your targeted audience, then you need to sell the product or services to them. They definitely would be your potential buyers. Once you are done with selling then start it again and find new group of people but also be ready to help your existing customer.
The above is the cyclic process that you must repeat again and again. It takes lots of patience and time to grow for free on social media but don’t quit, it will surely lead your business high. The reason many people fail with social media or any marketing is that they underestimate the effort required to dominate their niche.

Take a moment understand the platforms and create a social media calendar and try to stick to it, you can absolutely share out of your social media calendar schedule but post as much as you can. Make your audience aware of your existence every time. Once you get the desired attention and have a solid budget, scale your sales by running campaigns.

Always be an early adopter. Whenever new technology comes into the market try to understand it and use it before your competitors do.

Hope you find it helpful and if you need any help in social media management feel free to contact us.
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