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By Admin | 27 Aug 2020

A Guide to content writing and marketing

Content is the way to express your product, services, solution, ideas or thoughts in front of people. Hence, it is vital to create a remarkable, understandable, explainable, attractive content. Content can be present in the form of text, image, audio, video, podcast, infographics etc.

Content writing is the process of planning, creating or editing content for blogs, websites, social media platform to introduce your product or services to the world.

Content marketing is the strategy of promoting content such that it can reach out more and more people across the world.

You must have read that “Content is the king in digital marketing” and it should be, as it is the only way to communicate with your audience. You can’t deny that even though most of your deals may be closed on phone but before the sales call, your audience make decision to approach you depending upon your content.

Hence, it is the key to success into your market place. So, here I am listing 4 pillars of content writing and marketing that you must follow in order to gain audience through your content :
  1. Scheduling & Consistency :
  2. Always make your presence consistent in front of audience. The better way is to schedule it. Create a complete strategy about post for social media, blog on websites, videos on YouTube etc. Make sure you consistently post depending upon your schedule.
    If you choose to post a video on YouTube once in a week then always post only one. Don’t upload 2 or 3 video and then run out of content for successively 2-3 week.
    So, schedule your content and be consistent about your post.
  3. Informative :
  4. Make sure your content (regardless of format) is completely informative about a particular topic on a single post.
    Suppose if it is a blog then load it with full information including examples, case studies, references, images, infographics etc (if possible).
  5. Relevance :
  6. Provide the relevant and genuine information. Remember “if you confuse them, you will lose them”. Don’t explore your service or product too much instead try to understand the problem and provide solution through relevant content.
  7. Reshare :
  8. Modify your old content and reshare it so that your new followers or subscribers catch up those content. Most of the people don’t use this technique but it is a good way to never run out of content.
    It happens that while going through your past content, you will get the new idea for your future content.
Now I am listing the basic but worthful tools for editing, modifying or optimizing your content :
  • Hemingway Editor :
  • To check readability score
  • QuillBot :
  • To change the voice of sentence.
  • Grammarly :
  • To check grammar, spelling & eliminate errors
  • Spinbot :
  • To optimize content by using synonyms
Apart from all these points you must focus on following points to get the better outcomes of your efforts:
  • Discover hashtags and keywords to explore your content towards maximum number of people.
  • Find out the best working platform under your niche.
  • Identify the effective format that helps you to connect with your potential audience.
Let’s conclude it, content writing and marketing is the base for all other strategies in running a campaign, posting on social media etc. Thus, you have to prepare your content in advance so that you won’t be in rush at posting time.

Hope you find it helpful. If you need any help from us then feel free to contact. You can provide review about this blog on our social media.

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