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By Admin | 4 Sep 2020

6 Online Marketing Strategies for Automation Services

If we look at today’s situation, we have become so addicted with the ease of technology. We want our work to be done at the tip of a finger. Specially, in the era of smart phones. The books get replaced by eBook, Letters get replaced by emails, OOT series took over TV programs and so many things got replaced by a single device i.e. smart phone.

The excessive use of new & existing IoT devices and application are turning at an exponential rate each day. By looking at the present scenario I must say that home, hotel, office automation will be in trend in the next coming years. Although, it has already become the choice of many people.

Thus, it is a great opportunity for well-established IoT or Automation company as well as for the startups in this field. But remember that IoT startups needs a strong investment. Hence, it becomes necessary for startups to find out investors first.

Regardless of high demands you always need to present your business infront of your audience before your competitors do. Therefore, digital marketing is so important for any business.

Here I am sharing 6 online marketing strategy for automation services to scale your business :
  1. Build online presence :
  2. First tip for any business is to build their existence across all possible online platforms. You have to let the people know about you and your business. Make the people aware of your presence.
    How people will deal with you when no buddy knows your existence, even if you are an expert in automation and IoT applications. After all, the winner will not be an expert but a person who steps forward to let the others know the value, he/she is providing.
  3. Develop a website :
  4. Nowadays website has become the most basic and essential part of a business. Website helps to present your business 24/7. It enhances the trust of audience towards your existence and services.
    Your website must contain an appropriate list of solutions of the services you are providing with a short detail of each, demo video for each application or solution, testimonial video of your past clients, live chat support, content or blog that helps the user to understand the process and most importantly the valid contact number and email id.
  5. Make the people aware with the need as well as the benefits of automation and IoT applications :
  6. Sometimes the providers only have to generate the need. So, you need to educate the people with requirement and benefits of automation.
    Spread the awareness through social media, YouTube channel, blog post or by providing answers on Q & A sites.
  7. Focus on creating videos more :
  8. I would highly recommend you to use videos over any other format regardless of platform you are using. Video will help to understand the application easily even for the non-technical person.
    Videos are more attractive and people gets connect with it instantly. People shares video more than any other content format. And most importantly, video helps to generate leads more. Thus, create such a video that arouses the need of automation among people.
  9. Invite virtually or physically at launch of new application :
  10. The automation and IoT is a very innovative field. Every time some new technology over take the old one. Whenever you launch a new service or application invite your past clients, highly chances will be there of their conversion.
    Invite your followers virtually on social media. Start a countdown few days before so that people get excited about it. Go live at the launching session.
  11. Collaborate or partnership with interior designers :
  12. With the increase in the interest towards lavish lifestyle, people have become very specific about the interior of their offices and home. Hence, interior designing field is now booming.
    Collaborating with the interior designers will definitely get higher chances of clients through affiliation.
These were the exclusive online marketing strategies for automation services. There are others tactics too that are common for all type of services. You can find out these techniques from other blogs of mine.

As humans become obsessed with the technology, without any doubt, we can say that soon the automation will become the necessity of our lifestyle. Thus, you need to present your automation services through strategies I have mentioned above.
But keep in mind that there is no such an ideal strategy for any business that anybody can guarantee the success of it. We have to try and modify the strategy. If something works then keep doing, if not then do experiment.

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