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By Admin | 25 Sep 2020

5 reasons why website localization will benefit your local business

To attach any person with you instantly, you just have to talk with him/her in his/her local language. When you start talking with people by using their local language, you don’t only transfer the information, you can easily connect with emotion as well as their way of thinking.

Let’s understand the need of having localize website by considering this stat. According to Statista, number of online users in India is 696.77 million and the number of online buyers is 330 million that means only half of the online users buy products online.

What do you think about how this gap can be filled? The best way to reduce this gap is design your website in local language. You must have heard that if you want to improve the world then start from your home first. In the same way, if you want to expand your business globally then be the one and only choice at your local region first.

Now a day’s people have smart phone and internet. It might happen that your ads or any content are reaching to them but they won’t understand it. This means that there is no scarcity of resources, this is the reason of lack of communication.

Localization will be the only option to narrow down the gap between online user and online buyers. Suppose your business is located in Maharashtra, if you develop your website in Marathi then there will be a higher chance to connect with more people as you can interact with the people from non-English speaking public or public from rural areas.

Below you will find 5 reasons why localize website will benefit your local business :
  1. Remarkable SEO advantage and shorten the competition :
  2. Presently, approximately 1 Billion websites are available on world wide web. Out of which 51% of them are present in English. So, there is huge competition for a local business to grow in online search.
    When you design your website in language other than English, you will be at the top of competition as you will have new pool of keywords and content. This will help your website or blog to rank easily.
  3. Rapidly gain trust of people in that region :
  4. Business is all about gaining trust. No one buys product from untrusted person. To make your customer buy from you, you first have to acquire the trust.
    When you start communication in the local language, you will appear more trustworthy and concerned. Native language not just helps people to understand the information or value that you shared but also helps to connect the emotions. Thus, increases the trust of public.
  5. Boost customer engagement :
  6. Humans are most likely to present their thoughts, feeling in their native language. Localization will help your customer to openly share their reviews about your business.
    You have already read that resources are available to all but there is a communication barrier between you and your potential customers. When you begin transmitting your information and value in native language the more and more customer interaction you will observe.
  7. Expands your audience size :
  8. As website localization helps to interact with non-English speaking group, here you will unlock the new audience of potential buyers at local region. Hence, your audience volume will increase which leads to scale the sale.
  9. Brand recognition and increase recommendation :
  10. Website Localization will create irreplaceable impact on your customer. As it will make their buying journey too easy. And when you overdelivered your customer with your products, communication, support; they will definitely recommend your business to other.
Above all of these benefits the most dominating advantage is that it will increase your productivity as you focus on particular region and assists you to manage your business which will help you to pursue your dream of making your business globally.

Conclusion :
Website localization will definitely extend your business to the next level locally as it directly connects with people’s emotion and their culture which helps you to gain their trust. In turns, you will get more sales.

If you need help in designing your website in local language of Maharashtra i.e. Marathi that will help you to discover your new customers in Maharashtra, feel free to connect us.
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